Locality Programmes

North Lanarkshire Carers Together as Host Organisation to both
Airdrie & Motherwell Consortia

North Lanarkshire Carers Together is one of 5 organisations throughout North Lanarkshire that make up the Locality Development Partnership Programme (LPDP).  This programme is co-ordinated by Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire (VANL) and each locality has a consortium which oversees the development and connectivity of services that meet the needs of local people who have support needs and their carers.  The LPDP was initially developed as part of the Reshaping Care for Older People Programme and will continue as part of Integration of Health and Social Care.

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Each of the local consortia benefits from a small activity budget which is aligned to their development plan. This budget has enabled the Motherwell consortium to work in partnership to develop capacity in local third sector groups and organisations to identify gaps in their services and assist with the longer term sustainability of their group/service.

The Motherwell Consortium consists of volunteers who are members of local community groups, officers from North Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire and staff members from Lanarkshire Carers Centre, VANL and the host organisation North Lanarkshire Carers Together.

The Motherwell Consortium has supported the development of local programmes of work to increase physical activity and reduce isolation and loneliness these include digital inclusion, befriending services, groups of  interest including choirs, cinema clubs, arts and crafts.  The consortium has also supported local carers to access short breaks from caring through a partnership with the Lanarkshire Carers Centre.

The Motherwell Consortium would like to thank the pupils at Brannock High School for all their help at local events. Both Motherwell and Airdrie Consortiums are currently working on their revised Development Plans.  For further information, or if you would like to know about local groups and services in these areas please email: enquiries@carerstogether.org

To find out more about Motherwell and Airdrie consortium please email: enquiries@carerstogether.org

To find out more about other host organisations throughout North Lanarkshire:

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The management board is responsible for keeping North Lanarkshire Carers Together focussed on its aims and objectives and for safeguarding its values and managing all aspects of its business.

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