About Carer Engagement

North Lanarkshire Carers Together is a member of the Coalition of Carers in Scotland (COCIS) and works in partnership with them in relation to promoting and developing consistent and meaningful carer engagement. As the care provided by unpaid Carers constitutes over 50% of all Care provided in every local authority and NHS Region within Scotland it is vitally important that meaningful carer engagement should be central to the development of national and local policy along with the a co-production approach to the design of services for Carers and the people they care for.

Coalition of Carers

The Coalition of Carers in Scotland has developed ‘Equal and Expert’ 3 Best Practice Standards for Carer Engagement as a bridge to help planning officers and commissioners of services move from good intentions to better practice. The standards were developed jointly with Carers and Carer organisations, with support from the Scottish Government’s carer policy unit and the Scottish Health Council.

Investment in Carers and Carer engagement will bring many valuable returns – stronger planning and policy, improved services, more creative use of resources and improved outcomes for Carers. In short, better care for people with support needs. We commend these standards to all planning partners.

Carers Allowance Briefing Paper

Recent policy and legislative developments have provided the opportunity to make changes to carer benefits. The Scotland Act 2016 was passed in March 2016 and it included devolution of a range of social security powers, including carer and disability benefits.

In addition The Scottish National Party have appointed a Minister for Social Security, who will take forward the government’s plans for a new social security system. The First Minister reiterated the government’s commitment to increasing Carers Allowance in Scotland in her first statement of priorities. The National Carer Organisations have made several recommendations on how carers’ benefits could be altered, and this paper summarises these recommendations as well as the context for change.

You can download a copy of the briefing paper here by clicking the following link:

Our Mission Statement

The management board is responsible for keeping North Lanarkshire Carers Together focussed on its aims and objectives and for safeguarding its values and managing all aspects of its business.

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