Our Staff

Allison Smith

Advisor to the Board

As Advisor to the Board, I have the key role of working alongside the Directors of North Lanarkshire Carers Together to support the governance of the charity which includes working with the Directors in all aspects of employment, finance and management reporting.  I provide leadership and direction in terms of supporting the strategic development of the organisation which includes close liaison with our funders North Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire, as well as developing our partnership working with the third sector and national Carer organisations.

Carolanne Christie

Carer Information Worker

As Carer Information Worker, I ensure that Carers are provided with up-to-date, relevant information to support them in their caring role.  This includes information on Carers’ rights, Carers support and the range of services that are available for Carers and the person they care for.  Partnership working is a key element of my role and I work with staff and professionals from the statutory and voluntary sector to ensure that carers get the best information possible.  I also attend local community events to help to identify hidden carers and to spread the work about the work of North Lanarkshire Carers Together.  If you are a Carer and would like information to assist you in your caring role please contact me. carolanne@carerstogether.org

Yvonne Cameron and Corinne Thomson

Co ordinator for Carers- NHS Primary Care

Our role is primary within GP practices to identify hidden Carers, engage with them, signpost and refer them to the appropriate services. We also act as a link with the Co-ordinator for Carers based within Wishaw General, Monklands and Hairmyres Hospitals, as well as the Mental Health Co-ordinators.

There are Carer notice boards within each of the GP practices in North Lanarkshire which we regularly maintain and we provide a wide range of information and sign posting for carers and young Carers alike, as well as a reference point for professionals within the GP practices.

Our Carer Information packs and Carer stands within each practice are updated on a regular basis and provide more targeted carer information as well as information on how to become registered on the GP Carers Register. If you would like information on the GP Carers Register or feel that you require support in your caring role please contact us. Yvonne@carerstogether.org or Corinne@carerstogether.org

Sean Harkin

Carer Network Lead

As Carer Network Lead , I have the responsibility for coordinating and facilitating the newly established Carer Network, which brings together a wide range of services working within the Community Capacity Building and Carer Support programme including representatives from Social Work, NHS Lanarkshire, the Third and Independent Sectors. The Carer Network will be responsible for taking forward, as we move towards the Integration of Health and Social Work Services, priorities that will support the needs of Carers living in North Lanarkshire. I also have a key role in representing Carers within the various Strategic Partnerships that have been established through the Reshaping Carer for Older People programme, which will be further strengthened and developed, as we move to Integration. My role also involves the day to day management of North Lanarkshire Carers Together.

Donna Gardner


As Administrator, I am the first point of contact for North Lanarkshire Carers Together by answering the telephone and welcoming visitors.  I work closely with and provide admin support to management, staff and the Board of Directors.  Some of my duties include preparation of the monthly finances for the treasurer, keeping the membership database up-to-date and minutes of meetings. I help co-ordinate and market events, consultations and other meetings. I’m also involved in the production of our newsletter “Working for You” of which there are 2 editions per year. donna@carerstogether.org

Elle Scott

Carer Act Information Worker

I am a Carer Act Information Worker, I am part of a team that provides up to date, relevant and accessible information for carers. I have a key role in relation to the implementation of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016, ensuring carers are aware of their rights, can understand their rights and are able to claim their rights. This takes a holistic and partnership approach and it is vital that organisations and services that come into contact with carers are not only able to identify them but also to recognise their rights. In addition to this, it is vital that I engage with carers around their experiences of the implementation of the Carers Act and ensuring any collective issues that arise are filtered through the appropriate channels to encourage positive change for carers in relation to claiming their rights outlined in the new legislation. I am motivated and committed to ensuring the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 is meaningful for carers.

Our Mission Statement

The management board is responsible for keeping North Lanarkshire Carers Together focussed on its aims and objectives and for safeguarding its values and managing all aspects of its business.

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