A new Lanarkshire Rehab Strategy is currently being developed and the group working on this would like to include people’s experiences of rehab to date. In particular they would like to hear a carer’s perspective on rehab services to gain an understanding of what it is like as a carer to support your loved one through the rehab process.

Getting involved would require you to contact us to register your interest and a member of our team would then get in touch to discuss sharing your story. We will ensure that you only share information you are comfortable with and that the process is an enjoyable one.

Your story would help inform the upcoming Rehab Strategy and will allow the people working on it to understand how rehab services can offer better support to those accessing rehab and to their carers.

If you would like to contribute, please email our team at enquiries@carerstogether.org by Wednesday 24th August with the subject heading ‘Rehab stories’ and we will be in touch with you very soon with more information and to discuss how you would like to share your experiences with us.